Everything counts in a small space. By simply applying a few clever tricks you can make a small room look bigger.

It is really uncomfortable and confining to live in small spaces. But by fooling the eye with certain design concepts you can make small interiors look more spacious.

Follow these tips:

  1. Use clever contrasts and light colors.

Room colors can affect your mood. It is a well known fact that to make a room look brighter and bigger you need to use light colors.

Bright and light walls give any space an airy and open feel. Natural light is maximized by light walls. On the other hand dark colors can make a room look smaller.

Select soft tones of green, blue and off-white for an optimum effect. Brighter rooms are more inviting. When it comes to molding and trim, use a color lighter than your walls. This will make your living room look bigger by making the walls appear farther back.

  1. In opening up a space lighting is a key element.

You can make a room look bigger by allowing natural light inside the room. If there is not much natural light, by using lighting fixtures you can create the effect.

Large windows are the best if you have access to natural light. They can bring the outdoors indoors. To allow more light in pull the curtains back or use sheer curtains. To brighten the space you can use lamps. Put flowers or plants near the windows if the view is bad.

  1. Cut the clutter.

An organized and tidy room is always inviting. Having too much stuff can make a small space feel cramped. Maintain an open and orderly space by keeping things neatly arranged and out of sight.

Avoid having lot of pictures in a small room. Rather than a group of paintings one large painting is the best. Too many things can give a small room a cluttered look.

A focal point is a must in a small room as it will draw the eye to it. It will be the table in the dining room. And it is the bed in the bedroom. The star of the room is the focal point. Avoid placing too many accessories. To create the illusion of more floor space, place large rugs.

  1. Well-placed mirrors can do wonders.

A small room can be made to look larger by placing mirror in the right direction. To give a feel of depth angle your mirrors towards a focal point. Artificial and natural light is reflected by mirrors and will make a room appear larger.

It is especially effective to place a mirror near a window to reflect the outdoors. For a more open feel use glass tabletops and place mirrors on the walls.

  1. Maximize your furniture arrangement.

A lot of space is often taken up by furniture. To create more space, use multi-functional furniture, such as a bed with storage or a chest that can be used as a coffee table.

To maximize the open space, place larger pieces of furniture against the walls. Avoid using tall furniture in a small room as it can make the ceiling seem lower. You can also match the furniture to the wall to give an expansive look. Also, avoid chairs and sofas with exposed legs and open arms.