5 Mistakes you’re Making with Your Succulents (And How to Grow 'Em Right)

August 23, 2018

5 Mistakes you’re Making with Your Succulents (And How to Grow 'Em Right)

It’s a misconception that succulents are easy to grow. You need to change your mindset and then it might become easy. Visualize what happens to plants in a desert to get it right. You might have a little luck if you imagine boomerang temperature changes, monsoon-like downpours and unrelenting sun that characterize the desert’s days.

Here are 5 common mistakes we make while growing succulents:

  1. Putting them in a Poorly Lit Area

How much you try you just cannot create the natural light of a plant’s native habitat indoors. It is easier to grow common houseplants. They are used to the shifting periods of sun and shade that happen in your home as they originally belong to tropical jungles. As the sun moves over a forest canopy that's what naturally happens.

Poor lit area

 But desert plants are exposed to broiling hot sun all through the day and that kind of an atmosphere is not something you can create at home. What you can do is choose a south-facing window as that will be the sunniest part of the house. If that is not possible it is best to choose easy growing succulents like aloe vera.

  1. Not Watering Them Enough

Deserts receive heavy rainfall. It is not a daily phenomenon but when it rains it pours. To save your succulents you can try to imitate the patterns of rainfall native to its home habitat. Which means that when you water makes sure that the pot is full. Don’t trickle but turn on the taps. A complete soaking is something all succulents love. Soak the plant until the water comes out of the bottom of the pot. Water again only if the soil is bone dry.

Not Watering Properly

  1. Using a Standard Potting Soil

The standard soil mix that you use for common houseplants will not suit succulents. You need a desert dweller mix. The soil has to be low-nutrient and well-draining.

  1. Crowding Them Together

Adorable little pots are used to grow succulents by planters. But they don’t survive for long if they are crammed in a pot. It will get infected by insects and mold due to overcrowding.

Crowding them together

Another misunderstanding is that they can survive on slim pickings but still they need water and food. After you bring home your succulent transfer them in a spacious planter.

  1. Growing Unrealistic Varieties

You will be tempted to grow all kinds of succulents but don’t. It is not easy to tame all wild things, no matter how delicate their flowers look. Opt for succulents that would thrive on a windowsill.

For indoors snake plant and crassula are good options. If you are looking for a prickly plant companion you can opt for Mammillaria cacti.

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