It’s summertime when the days are warmer and you are bound to make some changes to your window dressing. With these window treatment ideas you can take full advantage of the seasonal glow when the sun shines bright and high all day.

During summertime when the weather is warm and beautiful you and your kids will be spending more time on your patio. Summer is the time for fun-filled activities. Your family will be spending more time in the pool, the kids will be running around on the lawn, and you will be entertaining your friends to a yummy cookout during the weekends. These patio ideas will help you incorporate the essence of summertime into your surrounding spaces.

Solar Shades

The ultimate window treatment for summer is solar screens or solar shades. They will not block the view but the light and are great for single patio doors or French doors. While you’re busy in the kitchen, the harsh glare of the setting sun will not glint into your eyes. An added advantage is that these shades will protect you from UV rays by limiting the summer heat within your home, and keep your furniture from fading.

They have a clean and modern look, too. To add another layer of richness, choose a darker shade.

Sheer Drapery

During those hot, sticky summer days sheer drapery will give you that airy, light feeling. During a warm day the drapery will cool you down. Sheer drapery is effortless yet swanky and elegant. They will block the glare but at the same time will not feel heavy on your patio doors.

For a casual feel opt for white sheer drapes. If you want a pop of colour opt for yellow drapes. They also give a more formal, structured look to your living room.

For a glamorous touch opt for stunning shades in metallic hues. 

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are an energy efficient design to keep your home cool during the summertime. Their biggest advantage is that they offer many light filtering options. To make sure the heat stays out you can opt for a higher opacity or even blackout.  For mild summers, choose a low opacity or sheer cellular in vertical or horizontal formations.

On single patio doors or French doors these top down bottom up shades will look elegant.

Natural Woven Shades

If you want to bring the feel of the outdoors indoors or if you have always wanted a tropical look opt for natural woven wood shades. For single patio doors and French doors these are a stylish option as they let that light filter in without the heat.  

It will suit all kinds of décor, be it traditional, contemporary or rustic. The best part is you can easily mix and match. To create a traditional, classy bedroom you can experiment with different shades.

During summertime you need to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight as well as enjoy the beautiful weather. Make the most of the good tidings by beautifying your patio doors with these window treatment ideas.