3 Most Important Things To Consider While Choosing a Mirror For Your Wall

July 04, 2019

3 Most Important Things To Consider While Choosing a Mirror For Your Wall

You can give the whole space a brand new life with the right mirror on your wall. However, select the wall carefully since mirrors will only reflect what’s in front of them. It can have a real impact on the overall feel and look of the room. According to Feng shui, only in certain directions mirrors should be placed and one should not place them on any wall. In short, you need to select the wall carefully.

Mirrors are more than just decorative pieces. It is possible to accentuate, define and augment what is present in your space. You can use a mirror to open up a room as well.

When selecting mirrors you need to look at three most important things -- style, size and shape.

Find a Shape That Works for You

In defining any space shape plays an important role. It can give an illusion of something else, accentuate what is already there, or create a mood.

To accentuate width use a long horizontal shape mirror. If you want to draw attention to height use a tall vertical mirror as it makes your eye travel up.

For a restrained and orderly look use an angular shape mirror such as a rectangle or square.

For a whimsical or softer look use a curved or rounded frame.

By grouping several mirrors together you can even create a shape. Mirrors can be used just like framed art or photographs.

Why Size Matters

Depending on the impact you want to create choose the size of your mirror. Choose the size based on whether you want it to merely act as the background, an accent or a focal point.

A large wall with a single small mirror will look odd. According to the size of the wall choose the size of the mirror.

You need a large mirror if you want it to be the focal point in your room. The frame should be noticeable, something that will stand out in a room.

To make your space look larger you should choose a mirror that is extra large. However, the frame should not be ornamental or draw attention to itself.

To reflect interesting objects and as accents, smaller mirrors are the best. If you are planning to decorate with more than one mirror then small mirrors are the best. They can be placed in groups, to create a much larger shape, and these could be the centre of attraction in the room.

It Is All About Style

Mirrors can reflect your style and create great impact. Even though the size and shape of a mirror matter, when it comes to determining the style the frame plays an even greater role.

In a more ethnic or traditional inspired setting a carved or ornate frame is often best used. In a modern setting they are used for contrast.

For a modern or casual interior a frame with simple lines is often more suitable.

For a country look distressed and whimsical frame treatments work well.

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