Table lamps are an essential element in any décor. They can range from tall and stately ones to short and functional ones. Also they can vary from table lamps with bright lights to enliven a space or dim lighting to provide discreet light and ambience to the room. Table lamps are often bought as an after thought. Even as the interior elements are being designed we should think of where and how lighting can be given to the room.

Style of table Lamps.

Table lamps can be of traditional style or contemporary style. It should essentially fit into the predominant features of the room décor. It is possible to have a traditional Tiffany style lamp in a ultramodern glass and chrome setting to provide an interesting contrast. Similarly a modern lamp can offset some design element in a traditional style décor as well. Experimentation is the key to an interesting and fun filled décor with a twist.

Table Lamp

Focus on lighting needs of the room

A living room needs strong and cheerful light to make it look large and welcoming. It can light up dark corners and chase away shadows. This is particularly useful if you insist on all family members to gather for discussions and family time together. Strong lighting with sturdy table lamps placed on side tables in the room instantly makes the room warm and inviting. Discreet lighting with dimming options are best for the bed room. If you are a voracious reader and need light for reading go for a table lamp with strong light and with low area of breath. This is so that the light is bright for you to read without disturbing others. 

Size and shape of table lamps

Choose the size of table lamps wisely. Make sure you have adequate space to move about without knocking it over. A tall table lamp in passageway or cramped area is looking for disaster. Also do not choose table lamps with ultra modern unconventional shapes if you have children or pets at home. It is same for the material of table lamps. Buy sturdy wooden lamps which will take a little rough handling over the years if you have kids at home. There are many kid themed table lamps in the market as well. They range from cute animal and cartoon themes.  Material should be sturdy for lamp shades which are placed in kid's room.

Other vital things to watch out for

The lampshades also determine the amount of light you will get from the table lamp. For general lighting go in sturdy fabric based or thicker lampshade. For intimate areas of the house choose transparent shades with a little interesting patterns on them. They will cast patterns in the room which look cute and romantic.  In children's rooms they can cast interesting animal shapes and be made of interesting colors. The wattage of the lamp should be checked and used appropriately for lighting purposes.Table lamps are fun accessories to experiment!