Moongil Fountain, A Mesmerizing Water Fountain

May 30, 2016

What is a Moongil fountain?

'Moongil' means bamboo in Tamil. The bamboo has traditionally been associated with beauty and good luck. Moongil can add a rustic and traditional charm into the interior. It is the best way to get some nature into our living space. Combined with artistically placed greenery in planters and fresh flowers scattered about, this moongil fountain can be an oasis of peace inside or outside the house.

Moongil Fountain

Uses of Moongil fountain

Fountains bring tinkling music and joy into any décor. They can be of various themes and can have decorative elements from all cultures. Feng shui places bamboos in a very high position in terms of aesthetics as well as a decorative element.

So a moongil themed fountain combines all elements of wealth beauty and peace in the same ornament. The Moongil fountain will mesmerize you and transport you to a peaceful place inside your mind. It can aid meditation and can bring soothing sensations to the frazzled mind.

Décor ideas with Moongil fountain

If you have a small intimate balcony also you can place this moongil fountain as it does not need any special connections or facilities. It comes with a submersible discreet pump and maintains the water flow naturally. If it is placed in a balcony area you can also add a lattice of light wood and sting some creepers nearby effectively making it a conversation corner for quiet discussions at home or office. This atmosphere can bring down even volatile tempers! The surroundings or décor of any place can bring about similar changes in our attitude and lives. When we see beautiful bamboo shoots sprouting water gently and endlessly it tends to lower our BP and cause immense calm. Go for the Zen theme at least in a corner of your living room. Moongil fountains can fit into themes from ultramodern décor to rustic and fusion style interiors.

Maintenance of fountains

Indoors fountains can last for ages and provide to be a good investment if maintained properly. Clean the decorative parts at least once a month with clean water. Check for algal growths regularly and ensure that the water level is always maintained at optimum level. Too much or too little water can strain the motor. Make sure the water used in the fountain is not hard water as it can stain the decorative parts and can cause problems with the motor. If cleaned at regular intervals with good cleaning solution and maintained well it can last for ages.

Where to buy Moongil themed fountains?

Moongil themed fountains are easily available at online stores. You can buy natural bamboo made fountains or go in for faux themed bamboo fountains. The latter is preferable if you are rushed for time and cannot maintain a natural one.  When buying a fountain, plan on where you would like to place it and select the size accordingly. Then arrange your décor to fit the theme and enjoy the soothing ambience!

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