Creative Outdoor Decoration Ideas

May 26, 2016

Outdoor spaces are our favourite spots to relax, especially during summer. If you have large spaces with a beautiful garden and lawn then you would even like to entertain your friends outdoors. In fact, you don’t need a large space; a few square inches are all you need to lounge outdoors. The best part is you can get creative while decorating outdoors without making a dent in your pocket. We give you a few easy decoration ideas.


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Give patio a classy look

Give your patio a classy look by sticking to a monochromatic palette. Choose the necessary outdoor furniture like a round table made of cane, umbrella and chairs in a contemporary grey and white colour scheme.

Add colourful accents

If you are someone who likes to see a pop of colour outdoors, all you need is to add a few colourful accents. You can place colourful cushions in vibrant colours on your terrace bench or chairs that dot your patio or veranda. You can also choose cushions with modern prints like ikat, stripes, and eye-popping florals.

A room without walls

If you have a large veranda, you can get a lot more creative. Imagine that it is a room without walls. Create a warm entertaining space by adding a garden table with a wicker sofa, a lot of plant holders, magazine holders and side tables.

Lounging style

You can make a porch warm and cosy with an elegant white day bed with multi-coloured cushions, potted plants, and Chinese lanterns. Add a coffee table, and the space will look comfy and chic.

Garden party

If you are someone who loves entertaining people, outdoors should be your haven. Choose cast iron furniture that can resist the vagaries of weather. Also, go for a canopy and a solid base for setting up your table.

Country living

To bring a country feel to your outdoors, you can add a birdbath for your winged friends and fairy lights on the trees for a magical touch. You can also install a fountain and table and chairs on the lawn away from your home (if you have lot of space) to create a unique dining experience.

Sunny space

You can create a lounging area outdoors for reading, writing, or hanging out with guests by placing a large sofa, a side table and even hanging lights for that cosy feel.

A patio with view

If you are the lucky few who have a waterfront home, you can play with the nautical theme while decorating outdoors. Play with the colours blue and white. Place a white cane sofa and picnic table and throw in blue coloured cushions and linens with fish and shell motifs. Place a lot of blue hydrangeas and your outdoors will look straight out of a fashion magazine.

Play of colours

To brighten up a boring outdoor space is easy. All you have to do is add coloured chairs and the space will come alive instantly. You can use the space for entertaining or as a reading nook.

Outdoor dining

For a light and relaxing decor, place teak table with bamboo chairs. Choose chicken wire lanterns for a surprising and oh-so-easy tabletop décor.

Swinging style

Add a swing or a swinging bench to your outdoor space to help you breeze through the sluggish summer days.

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