Ever wondered how some office and home spaces effortlessly look like magazine layouts? One of the reasons is large planters placed with beautiful plants artistically arranged.

Uses of planters in landscaping.

There are many large planters available these days from online stores. They range from terracotta planters to innovatively shaped planters to offset your interiors. You should use planters with care to display plants both inside and outside the living space. This instantly uplifts and modifies even a drab space into glamorous one. The area looks more upscale and cozy. These planters are used for segregating spaces without being intrusive. A screen or cubicle can break up the space. Instead use large planters and plant boxes too crate cozy conversational spaces in your home. This also looks good in a commercial establishment.

Large Planters for Landscaping

How to use each type of planter?

Use jar shaped and big jug shaped jars to be singular pieces. They should ideally be used alone to dramatize the space. Fill these planters with a single tall tree. You can also use a tree which goes up and cascades down with flowers. These would look gorgeous at the entrance or foyer.  Make sure the plants have some dramatic element such as stunning flowers or else it should be tall and stately.

Use box planters as discussed above as margin markers. A bed of midsized plants will look lovely. You can choose from crotons with dramatic clouds or small plants with bright flowers to be used in these. If placing outside choose a planter that is made of all weather material and doesn’t fade or crack easily.

Buy planters of different material and rotate their usage. This is an easy way to avoid boredom because planters are movable. Wooden planters are very good for inside and outside spaces. You can use them in different ways and easily change the way their look. You can do this by painting them with bright pop colors or staining them to match or contrast the space you want to decorate. Even hanging planters are available. This is to create a hanging garden effect and is suitable for high ceilinged spaces or porticos.  

A wildly flowering bed of plants would look inviting and cheerful at the entrance of your home. You can place them in the sunlight on either side of the entrance. You can repeat this near spacious windows as well. Try to get windowsill planter box in the kitchen to hold your herb collection. This is both beautiful and functional.

Kinds of Planters

There is lovely collection of planters available these days on online stores. Check out the wares and you will find a great variety. Large accent pieces and traditional planters are available. Striking planters with the local themes like animals and cute motifs are available. Different material planters are also available. Buy sturdy planters if you have children or pets at home take care to place them appropriately otherwise they will get knocked over.