The word Accent means stress or emphasize. So basically accent tables are used to highlight the theme or bring about an emphasis to the room. This focus piece can be used throughout your home as well. They are made of many kinds of material like wood, metal, glass etc. if you are looking for ways to innovate your home, here are some tips.

Create the atmosphere:

First off you can you can pick a great accent table and create the entire feel of the room around it. The entry to a house is what impresses our visitors. So make it large and impressive. Accentuate the style of your building right at the entrance itself. If you want to make a statement place large vases on ornamental accent tables with dramatic flower arrangement right in the foyer itself.

Alai Table

Different kinds of accent tables:

Or go minimalistic with a small table with a lot of interesting details, intricate carving and delicate. One advantage of using small pieces is that they can be mixed and matched for different looks in different rooms. They are easily to be shifted around also. Choose an interesting accent table and place some comfy chairs near it. In large rooms it can create a cozy and intimate feel when you want to have a private word with someone.

Create a conversational niche. Place your family photos or leave interesting books or decorative pieces on it. It can be great conversation starters to any guest. Focus on functionality and great looks. This is the ideal thing to do if you have a boisterous family and pets. Stay away from small and delicate pieces and buy something solid and distressed. This way a few more scratches will not look out of place! Buying glass accent table is looking for disaster.

Picking accent tables must complement your lifestyle and not stress you about their upkeep. Buy easily maintainable accent tables in metal if you don’t have a horde of people cleaning for you. There are great wood crafted easy to maintain accent tables that are just right for you.

Color choices

Another thing to focus on is the color. A solid wood table easily adds color to the décor with its shine and luster. Soft painted pastels can be ideal if you want a delicate flavor to any room. Hand painted flowers look gorgeous on old painted furniture instantly adding character to a room.   You can pick an accent color to brighten up a monochrome room. For example a sea blue table with soft brown accent pieces looks lovely in a mostly white themed room creating a soft focus. Do not be afraid to mix and match till you find the right look.

Where to buy accent tables:

Go online for further inspiration. Look around the online stores and check out the wares. We no longer have to physically go to stores to pick great furniture. So browse these stores and try to match with your existing pieces. You can find easy to maintain lovely accent tables online. Look out for stores that deliver promptly and set it up for you.