Looking for side tables?  They are the most used spaces in any home. They have to be decorative unique and functional as well. Consider these things when you choose a side table.

Where  to use side tables.

Where do we use side tables? Traditional side table placement would near seating areas and eating area in the house. But cleverly used they can also be used to show off your knick knacks and interesting collections of any kind. You can put a collection of photo frames and rearrange them frequently for interesting effects. A side table can also be used to display interesting shells or things picked up during your travels.

Sembu Side Table

Side tables are just indispensible in a home. It can be used to plop all our keys diaries and laptop as soon as you enter your house. Side tables can be gathered and placed strategically when you have a party to place the food and drinks. They can be piled up in a spare room when not in use also. If you follow furniture fashion, this year has thrown up some different choices for customer. There are a lot of pop colors different shapes and sizes. So there are space saving side tables, side tables that can hold household articles, i.e. storage side tables, multilevel tables etc.

Choosing the right side table

Choose a side tables which is useful fun to be with and also makes a style statement. Side tables can be ultra modern with metal and glass fittings or solid and old fashioned even antique. These years as before antique finished tables are all the rage. They are beautifully detailed and carved. You can go for these looks if there is a lot of space in your home. For the space constrained a nippy side table with storage will work wonders.

You can use side tables innovatively these days. You can use side stands to hold your tools in garage or basement. Just set all your tools out neatly and use them. You can use it in the kitchen where space is less to hold appliances. The side table in dining area can store your entire expensive cutlery.

The height of side tables must be about the height of your sofa or couch. This is important in the living area as most of us just place our eatables and drinks as we sit on the sofa. This height will be useful for living room. Consider getting small round side tables in interesting finishes to be kept in every room. Scout around for interesting shapes live oval and zigzag. You don’t have to bust the bank to get interesting furniture.

A traditional side table of wood can also be given a twist by choosing to paint them and distress them to get a different look. 'Shabby chic' is in and you cannot go wrong with wood. Choose glass only if you want a futuristic and modern look and it melds with your other furniture. Experiment a little and change the look of your house easily with these few tips.