Garden stools are back with a bang, and these days you see them on the front cover of most of the home decor magazines. A garden stool is a versatile piece of furniture that can pep up not only your garden, but any room in your house. They come in all shapes, colours, designs and textures.

Ceramic garden stools have been a popular addition to home interiors from time immemorial. A new entrant is fibreglass garden stools, which are easy to clean and quite portable because of their light weight. Now, garden stools come with storage options as well. So you can stack your magazines or newspapers neatly inside the stool, thereby making a room look tidy in a jiffy.

Aanthai low stool

Since there are a number of garden stools available in the market, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the right one to fit into your garden, living room or bedroom. We help you with a few creative ideas.

Unlimited decorative options

When it comes to decorating with garden stools, the options are unlimited. You can use them as an attractive table or as a chair, as a bedside table, side table, a stand for flowers or books and in many different ways.

Use them as accents

It has a unique visual appeal, which can give a cosy touch to any dull corner. This could be the reason why designers love garden stools. Their added advantage is that they are compact in size and can be easily moved inside or outside. Today, garden stools come in bright colours and glossy finishes. Some come with exquisite art details and can be used as an accent piece for your home.

For your living room

The traditional garden stools are barrel shaped. However, the modern ones come in a variety of shapes to satisfy the most demanding tastes and can be easily blended in any interiors. If you are placing it in the living room, use them as a side table or coffee table. It can be used as an extra seating during large parties or serve as side tables for holding drinks as well.  

Perfect for your bedroom & bathroom

An elegant ceramic or fibreglass garden stool can be used in the bedroom as a book stand or a flower stand or as a decorative element. Instead of the traditional nightstand, you can place a garden stool near your bed. Its rounded body will complement lamps of any shape or form. Add stacks of books next to the stool to equalize its curves.

Since they won’t get damaged by water, they can be used as a utility stand in your bathrooms, and can be placed beside the bathtub or under the shower. You can place towels and toiletries, or scented candles on them the next time you take a soothing bath.

In a nook

Add a warm touch to any cosy nook or window seat by placing a bright garden stool. You can use it to hold a book or a coffee mug. For added style, place printed pillows, rugs, and accessories in a similar colour as the stool, which will turn the space into a personal haven.

On a patio

They are just perfect for any alfresco space. Use them as your potted plant holder. Their intricate designs, old-world charm and polished exteriors would make them stylish plant stands.

A brush with history

Did you know that garden stools are originally from China? Yes, it is the Chinese who “invented” this utilitarian furniture almost 1,000 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. And as the name suggests, they used it in the gardens. The first garden stools were barrel-shaped. Isn’t it incredible that a design that dates back to thousands of years is still in high demand for decorating homes? Amazing, indeed!