Creative Bird Bath Ideas for Summer

April 18, 2016

Your garden needs a little bit of attention from your side at regular intervals. And so does your winged friends, who frequent it, especially during the scorching summer. A beautiful bird bath can breathe new life into your garden and it will attract more birds into your little haven. It is the best decorative accent that you can add to your home.  

A variety of bird baths are available in the market. If you are too lazy to make one on your own, you can buy a bird bath from the already available options. If you are someone who would like to engage yourself in a creative project, you can make a bird bath from materials you already have at home. Your feathered friends are going to thank you for their new wash facility.

Creative bird bath ideas for summer

Bird baths can be made easily without spending any money with certain things that are already available at home like old kitchen crockery, platters, coffee mugs and saucers. You can hang a shallow plate on a tree branch and create a suspended bird bath. You can also use a big saucer standing on the twigs, or a glass bowl with a wooden stand as bird baths. If there is a planter ladder in your garden, use its top part to keep the water bowl for the thirsty birds and to enhance garden decor. Here are a few more creative bird bath ideas.

A sparkling mosaic bird bath

You can use old CDs or DVDs and create an original bird bath, which will look incredible in any garden. You will have to cut them into small pieces and glue them onto a bowl or basin for that mosaic effect. It will look attractive as the sunlight falls on them reflecting light.

Vintage teacup bird bath

If there are old, unused teacups at home, they can be fantastic bird baths. As much as you enjoy a hot cuppa in your garden, your winged friends will also enjoy their teacup!

Make a bird bath with flower pots

This bird bath is simple yet elegant, and easy to make. Unused flower pots can serve as bird baths. All you need to do is seal the hole at the bottom of the pot, and it is ready for the birds.

A bird bath using dowels and candle plate

This is yet another bird bath that you can make easily. You will need three wood dowels and one candle plate. I’m sure you will find these materials in your store room. Since they are lightweight, you can move them to different places in your garden as well.

Decorative basin or bowl bird bath

A decorative basin or bowl can be easily turned into a bird bath. Use a pretty basin or decorative bowl that has enough depth to hold water.

Old lamp bird bath

 An old table lamp or pedestal lamp can add a really neat look to the base or stand of your bird bath. Use a bowl that matches it, so you can attach it securely to the top. Remove the lamp shade before you glue the bowl onto the base.

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