Easy Ideas to make a pretty Green Habitat

Introduction – Green colour enlivens your space

Well crafted Indoor displays rule the roost and stand a true testament to modern home décor scenario. And adding greenery to home decors with impressive indoor plants around can bring in nature alive inside the house. Come in to your own home which is yourself made private world and turn it into a place of tranquil to wash away your woes and instill a refreshing you.

The apt colour combination of the wall paint along with green infusions around the kitchen can make up for great makeover ingredient. Having succulents and other decorative indoor plants reinforces admirable images of a well done up interiors. Green plants not only add the decorative element to the house interiors but also help in increasing oxygen levels in your home. They help in evicting harmful chemicals out like cleaning solvents etc and increase positive energy in the house. When you want to include indoor plants into your home you are definitely taking a greener stance. But that does not mean you have to add tons of green to make a big statement.

Best House plants for every room

Plants in the Living Room

Spider plants have full foliage and pretty blossoms. They need good indirect sun light and minimal watering. They can make lovely basket hangings to add up the appeal of the drawing room. These plants are easy to grow and would not mind even if you neglect them. They can incredibly grow fast and thrive well in average to cool temperatures. They grow on dry soil and are effective in battling against pollutants like carbon monoxide and benzene.

Palms are hardy house plants that are grown effortlessly indoors. They can elevate moods and curb distractions. They have the ability to naturally purify the air. Palms can easily filter out carbon monoxide and benzene released by cigars smoked at home. Our leafy friends bring in more life into our living spaces and act as powerful natural filters of air pollutants. Placing Palms in pots to fill up empty spaces in the living room and near house entrances can be the best way add appeal and air quality.

Plants in the Bed Room

The Aloe plant is a natural healer and a genuine air purifying plant. It can clear air pollutants that are commonly found in cleaning products to give us a fresh breath of life while you walk around your home. The Aloe plant has medicinal properties as it can soothe burns and cuts in the skin. With so much goodness in the offering the presence of the plant is indeed a pleasing welcome in the house. If pollution levels from harmful chemicals are too high in the house the plant shows an indication of brown spots on the leaves.

Orchids are one of the easy indoor plant options that come as a blessing for forgetful owners. They do not need much care like in the form of watering daily and exposure to sun light. Orchids are good at getting rid of harmful pollutants like xylene which is found in paints. They need very little care and can be thoughtful gifts for anyone who has renovated their house, bought a new one or a great idea to place orchids in the bed room. This is because Orchids breathe in and exhale oxygen at night.

Inexpensive indoor plants in the Kitchen

Make your cooking area a perfect Green Habitat so that your creative instincts to dish out great meals go to a whole new level. There are a plethora of inexpensive ideas that can provide charming accents and attractive demoneaur to the kitchen which is one of the very private worlds for every woman. Kitchen is a place where in most women feel they rule it and adding some house plants to make it a tropical paradise could be good way to make it look modern yet light on the purse. Strategically placed tall plants near walls give a great combination to the wall paint in the kitchen. Hibiscus, cypress and rubber plants make up for great floral designs. You can also place edible herbs like mint, coriander and Gerber Daisies on small potted containers near the kitchen window to influence the cooking even more.

Grandeur of the Topiaries in your Dining area

Dining area is where your heart and mind both sync with each other. While you enjoy the food you shall feel all the more relaxed with the classic Topiaries looking charming inside a galvanized tray to protect your couch and furniture. Colourful and edible flowers

Indoor plants that look best near the Stairs and even between furnishings to fill up spaces

Peace lilies are another wonderful choice you can keep in your home if you have a heart to admire beauty. Yes flowers are an epitome of natural beauty and what better could be an idea to have colourful flowers that remain fresh all through the day and night. Spathiphyllum as it is also called grows well in shady temperatures and can lighten up the home with its lovely flowers.

The Dracenena   reflexa or the ‘Song of India’ as it is referred have notably green, lime and yellow leaves. These plants can grow under direct sun light or even survive low sun light. They can be ideally kept in balconies, corridors and between furniture.

Ferns in the Bath Room

Ferns look a bit mundane but they are attractive plants that grow best when moisture is around. They are usually placed in bed rooms to fill up neutral spaces. Ferns are so fascinating that they can turn any modest room into an enchanted forest. They are soft and feathery plants that certainly lift up the room space.

Some Indoor plants in Offices

Anthuriums are lovely looking plants with a beautiful face that is meant to brighten an indoor space. These plants have dark and large leaves that can suck up ammonia and are great inclusions in a work place.

Here we list out plenty of options to decorate your home by simply going green. By setting it right and painstakingly arranging and maintaining them you are ready to embark on your own unique style statement by bringing in more life between lives. Choosing between colourful vases and decorated pots and urns for your plants to live in; all it takes is kindness and love to accommodate them all under one roof.

Spending time with nature soothes the mind and is natural stress reliever. Home is a place where in we go to unwind ourselves away from our hectic routine. And what better way to relax other than looking at the wisely kept well groomed greenery around the house.