Bird on the Top

Gifting Bird feeders are an icing on the cake for bird watchers and wild life lovers. They are an excellent way to beautify the porch and the perfect solution for getting the birds to enjoy them. You can simply sit back and relax and find yourself loving your time near the porch watching the birds up, close and personal in the most natural environment. Wild life lovers are quick to recognize what their heart says out. Passion fuels their moves and they go ahead in setting up their own lovely garden near the backyard of their home. They are best at their job at strategically placing bird feeders to attract more birds and also have a soft splashing water fountain nearby to leave the winged flyers come back again and again. The sound of gentle water movements gives out a superior natural feel for the birds to snuggle around and immerse themselves in the soothing track that delves them into a peaceful retreat. So the whole idea is to give the birds a feeling of home away from home.

Here are some awesome tips that can help wild life enthusiasts to set up Bird feeder and Garden Bird Bath ideas.

Pick up an attractive basin with some bright colours. Take some rods to the rescue. You can be proud to have made a fresh and breathtaking bird bath in your yard that can be a captivating venue for many birds. All you need to ensure is that you change the water often and yes your porch and back yard would continue to be the most favourite destination of all the lovely creatures of nature.

All you need to do is pick up pots, colour them and glue them together to form a stand. Add a plate on the top and fill it with water. The plate would serve as the bird water portion. The birds would love it.

If you are looking to go wholly the natural way then we have an idea that not only heed your requirement but also enhance your yard appeal. And you get all this at no extra cost. Take a bucket; fill in with rocks of multiple sizes. Then take a big plate and place it on the top. You need to adjust the water flow system so that the soft rustling sound of water is heard to attract birds.

Bird feeders- Getting started

It really does not matter whether we live in bustling areas or in the country side. All it takes is some love and true passion to enjoy nature and wild life. Simply placing some food near the porch or outside the doorstep and within some time you see a feathered or furred creature peeping in to take a morsel of it. And you know that by seeing just that you have got the reward for your kind gesture.

However adding some element of hygiene and neatness would advise us to not expose food on the ground. Even if the food remains open for a short while would make it prone to potential contamination due to dampness, bacteria, pesticides and mold. All this makes it best to use a bird feeder. Just taking a piece of wood, adding a few drainage holes and fixing the piece few inches above the ground makes up for a good option of a bird feeder. It won’t be long enough before birds trace it.

There is another quick option to pick up any old saucer and bowl from your attic. Just drill a hole in the saucer and attach the two together with a connecting rod. It would look beautiful and the saucer would protect the birds from rain and sun.

Bowl and Tray feeders are a great idea to include wide variety of seeds to invite sparrows, starlings and pigeons.

You can decide on the species you want to play host in your backyard. It primarily depends on the type of seeds you offer inside feeders. If you want small birds to visit your garden then have vertical bars and wire mesh covered on the feeders. This will drive away large birds. Black sunflower seeds are a top favourite for most birds. Also millet is loved by sparrows and doves. Ducks and Quail are happy to peck on corns too. Another point to note is that using more than a type of seeds for birds would mean putting them in separate feeders. This will help to reduce wastage as birds would top out unwanted seeds.

The best way to attract more birds is to have different types of feeders.

Hopper Feeder - hopper feeders protect the seeds from bird droppings and weather. They are loved by Finches and Chickadees.

Tube Feeders - these types of feeders keep the seeds dry and are suitable for small birds. Feeders above the feeding ports are ideal for seed eaters as they can still enjoy their feed hanging upside down.

Suet Feeders -  Suet Feeders attract wood peckers, Jays and Titmice. These feeders are made of wire mesh or plastic coated wire. They can be hanging on a tree trunk to make it look very natural for birds to cling n it and feed.

Have the right bird feeders to have the desired feathered guests to want to come to your place often. And make your home just another nature for them.