If you are looking to bring in the natural green indoors then be ready to sink into the impressive decorations that light up your sweet home. You don’t have to bat with the weather blues to bring in the charm indoors. All you need to do is get some plants that can enhance your living space and add beauty to the value called life. And it’s the effort of plant lovers and enthusiasts like all of you that our indoor greenery is kept alive. Adding all the charm; these artistic plant decors look like well curated sets of indoor plants.

Today majority of the top line interiors boast of some impressive display of indoor plants. Some of the greatest interior designers in the business bring about a perfect blend of mild colours on the wall with a striking combination of fresh and crisp greenery that reinforces a sense of refreshing positivity around the house. We have brought in together some of the finest ideas that is sure to spice up your continued affair with plants.


Nool Planter


Towering Fig plants near empty corners- The big sized, leathery leaves of the fig plant has the ability to fill up any empty spaces. Placing the fig plant on a dark, cylindrical pot gives out a trendy appeal. The carved leaves and the luscious texture can charge modern ambience to any room. Setting the plant up on a wheeled caddie can help to roll out the plant from too much exposure to sun. It is best to add water after the top inch layer of soil has dried out thoroughly.

Adding Nature to be part of the Family Room

Nature green is undoubtedly pleasing to the eyes and can brighten up spaces. And having such naturally good things near your wall is going to add more life within your relations. Today modern interior concepts recommend decorating the home with house plants to usher in the feel of phyto-design. Further choose such plants for your home décor that complement the room design.

Placing rubber plants near living places adds to the style statement. The plant has prominent shiny leaves and gives a big presence in the room. One needs to ensure that rubber plants are well protected as otherwise they could secrete a milky white sap on getting damaged. A rubber plant in bright coloured pots adds to the appeal.

Stage plants that enlivens your personality in bed rooms

Placing intricate plants like succulents, cacti, jade brings out an intriguing arrangement. Have them all in mixed patterns of round, shiny and matte on neutral pots can infuse art inside any room space. Succulents can withstand if you miss out to water them in between but cannot tolerate over dose of water. Well taken care succulents can have a long, healthy life adding elegance to your home. Also placing rich leafy ferns near your bedside can turn your room into a minimally understated enchanted forest.

Bring home a magnificent orchid that grows well under humid conditions. And placing them in bathrooms can be just ideal. Orchids come in fast draining medium and due to this the water seeps out fast. It is important to keep the Orchids hydrated and it is best to trap the moisture with some gravel in a low glass cylinder. As the water evaporates it is trapped by the glass and re- absorbed by the plant itself.

Getting your rooms a bold look

If you want to add a bold look to your rooms; then bringing in tropical plants can give out that modern touch and glowing presence. Placing them on showcases, near corners, work spaces can produce a unique look to the house.

Enjoy the grandeur of the Topiaries

Muehlenbeckia are some of the lollypop shaped topiaries that give out a wild side of greenery. Topiaries do not need direct sunlight and can be placed behind couches in the middle of the room. Setting them on a galvanized tray can protect your furniture and is also good for retaining water. These plants give a classy, relaxed feel.

Carefully choosing house plants can provide you a breathtaking dip that can leave you recharged for the whole day. Plant décor is just one of the wonderful ways to spark off more green into our lives. Realizing the importance of being eco-friendly it is just wise to blend latest technological concepts with the goodness of green for the betterment of our lives and for the future too.