You can make a home that looks straight out of a luxury magazine even on a budget. Follow our inexpensive decorating tips.

  1. Treat each room as a blank slate

To get ideas to decorate your house, take note of the already existing features in your home which you can highlight. Focus on architectural details like wooden beams, crown molding, built-in bookshelves, hardwood floors, etc. Try to highlight them and make them the focal point by keeping them clutter-free and clean.  

  1. Add a pop of color

Paint makes a big difference and it is extremely inexpensive. To change the overall feel of a room colour is great. To liven up a space you can add a bold colour or tone down a colour.

  1. Pick good quality towels

Old, bleach-stained and discolored bath towels will make your space look dirty and cheap. Display fluffy, crisp white towels like the kind you would find in a fancy hotel. This will immediately impart a luxury vibe to your space.

  1. Swap out your throw pillows

By replacing your throw pillows you can rev up your home decor. You can brighten and accessorize a room easily using throw pillows. Throw out older throw pillows and replace them with fuller, bright pillows. You can also buy crisp new pillow covers. More is always better. Try to mix and match textures and colours. However, don’t go overboard. Find the perfect balance. To coincide with the seasons you can even change your pillows. For instance, for summer opt for cotton pillow covers and reserve the cozy velvet pillows for the spring.

  1. Add molding

Consider adding molding to the chair rail, baseboard, or ceiling if your walls are bare besides the occasional artwork. Opt for a simple and single-depth piece instead of a gaudy, Victorian-style moulding.

  1. Hang art on the walls

Hanging unique art pieces on the walls is another easy and affordable home decor idea for your living room and bedroom. Make a house feel like a home using framed art work and family photos. When you select art work make sure that the size is right for the wall you’re decorating. Do not try to hang art work on every empty wall. Instead of buying art work you can create your own art work too.

  1. Accent with accessories

You will get a lot of ideas to accessorize a room from magazines. Make sure to shop around for a budget-friendly version of anything you see in a design magazine. You will find good deals in discount home stores.

  1. Create built-in structures

Be it bookshelves or kitchen cabinets, they should fit into your home perfectly. Extending them all the way from floor to ceiling is the easiest way to achieve this look. When compared to a standalone bookshelf, one that spans an entire wall will almost always look more expensive.

  1. Update old fixtures

Updated old fixtures, especially in the kitchen, is a quick and easy way to decorate on a dime. Inexpensive details like handles, knobs, light switch plates and drawer pulls, can give your home a high-end sheen.

  1. Throw a back splash on it

For jazzing up a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room without breaking the bank a DIY backsplash is a great affordable home decor idea. If you are not game for that consider creating an accent wall with bright colored paint.

  1. Give the illusion of higher ceilings

Raise your window treatments if you can’t raise your roof. Raising window panels create an illusion of height and give it a grander feel. Adding fabric to your existing panels is an inexpensive way to achieve this.  

  1. Add visual space with a mirror

You can trick eyes into thinking a space is larger than it actually is with some sneaky mirror placement. You can make a room appear more spacious—even twice its actual size – using large mirrors as they will reflect the room back. A floor-length mirror will do the trick.