12 Tips for Making Your Home the Most Inviting and Cozy Abode

July 10, 2019

12 Tips for Making Your Home the Most Inviting and Cozy Abode

  1. Let your entryway and front door set the inviting tone first

A bright welcome mat and a quick front stoop clean does wonders to your front door and entryway. For an instant inviting vibe add cute signs by the front door and a big green leafy plant inside of your front door (depending on the space). As soon as your door is opened guests will get a big eyeful of green life.

  1. Use design tricks to pull eyes through your space

Take a guest’s first view of your space into consideration and pay special attention to designing the farthest point of that view. You can add fun lighting or art in a bold colour, or anything else that will draw attention. This will certainly make them want to explore your space.

  1. Make your seating arrangement easy and accessible

To get behind the dining table you might not mind moving a chair out of the way, but in such spaces guests don’t normally feel comfortable. Every corner should be made easily accessible without any obstacles.

Avoid cramming over-sized furniture and too many floor pillows. And always make sure to clear all the toys from the floor before the guests arrive.

  1. Go way overboard with green fluffy plants

Plants can make any room look cozy and welcome. So bring in lots of plants and remember to maintain them well.

  1. Go overboard with soft textiles, as well

This is very effective. Bring in floor pillows, plush rugs, soft ottomans and deep furniture. For wall art use framed textiles.

  1. Double layer curtains

Adding another layer to your windows is an instant way to add softness to a space. Two opaque curtains or sheer curtains can cozy up a room by creating an abundance of fabric.

  1. Use extra-big throw pillows

Use oversize throw pillows for softness. You can just stack them on the floor or use them on a bench or a hard chair.

  1. Soften hard seating

On hard seating like dining chairs and side chairs try adding soft throw blankets.

  1. Display Soft Art

Another effective way to soften a room is by hanging wall weaving's and tapestries.

  1. Soften harsh and straight lines

It is unpleasant to have harsh and straight lines. In such spaces, break up a straight line using round objects like rugs, and pillows.

For adding double softness round rugs are a dramatic way. Also, you can use furniture with rounded edges, round art, and other curved shapes.

  1. Personalize at least one furniture piece

This is not that difficult. All you need to do is just reupholster them in a fun fabric.

  1. Attack your stacks

Not only for you but even for your guests stacks of magazines and bills can be a stressful sight! Tuck them away before guests arrive. That is the least you can do to make your place look more inviting.

  1. Have some good smells floating in the air

Bad smells are really unpleasant. You may not be aware of how your home smells. Just walk in the door after a mini-vacation from it for a day and you will know. Get rid of the odor if it’s unpleasant. For a naturally good smelling home you can use scented candles or potpourri, or grab some fragrant plants.

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