Windows are the eyes of any room. It is through the windows that we see the sights outside and it let the daylight in. The way you dress them can make or break your room scheme. The best option is a versatile window dressing.

But before you start the process it is essential to clean your windows. With a thorough wipe down get rid of those sticky fingerprints and cobwebs. Let them sparkle and shine.

Beautiful Window Dressing

  1. Blackout curtains

For bedrooms, curtains with extra lining are a popular option as they will prevent extra light from pouring into the room and disturbing your sleep. Another great choice for bedroom windows is roller blinds with a blackout lining.

  1. Venetian blinds

For bathrooms and kitchens, Venetian blinds are a smart option. You can choose wood, metal or plastic. 

  1. Thermal curtains

For patio doors and French windows, thermal curtains are a good idea. They will keep the room warm and cosy. For an elegant look opt for stiffer curtain fabric. However, for teaming with blinds lighter voile curtains are ideal. 

  1. Roman blinds

For conservatory windows, Roman blinds and roll-up varieties are a simple yet stylish solution. To prevent the room from getting too hot they can be tied at different heights and create shade. They can easily be hung over each panel of glass. Choose a light colour fabric that coordinate with other textiles in the room.

  1. Sheer panel curtains

For a vintage look opt for sheer panel curtains. Bold floral prints on voile fabric will look beautiful. They will provide a country feel and let the light through.

  1. Half curtain or café curtain

For a kitchen window, a dainty half curtain or café curtain is the perfect solution. Coordinate the fabric with your kitchen scheme. You can opt for voile fabric in a pretty print. It will provide a little privacy and at the same time will let the light in.

  1. California Shutters

It is available in different varieties and is ideal for bedrooms. You can opt for a half design, or full window shutters and full solid shutters to completely block the light. Opt for waterproof vinyl shutters for bathrooms and kitchens, to ensure that humidity and water don’t damage your purchase over time.  

  1. Sheer curtains

Made from chiffon or voile fabric sheer curtains are a modern take on conventional lace curtains. If you want to allow light into your room but don’t want passersby to see inside this is a great option.

  1. Tab top curtains

To dress large bay windows tab top curtains in a subtle print are the best solution. They don’t need curtain hooks or rings and are easy to make yourself. Opt for a sheer or lightweight fabric.

  1. Use a double pole

For prettiness and privacy, a double pole is the best. It allows you to hang a curtain as well as a sheer. You can draw curtains on any side. For the maximum impact go for floor-length curtains and keep the sheers sill-length.

  1. Use single curtains

For laid-back, contemporary look opt for a single curtain in a light-weight fabric. They are the best to dress up a sequence of large windows. To complete the look allow plenty of length on the curtains so they pool on the floor.

  1. Use blinds and curtains

To dress a bedroom window an elegant way is to opt for plain curtains and printed Roman blinds. For curtains opt for a contemporary plain fabric. For added detail to your window dressing combine with pretty tiebacks. In addition to the blind, the curtains can be drawn at night time. Choose curtains with coordinating eyelets and a sleek metal pole for a contemporary look.