Indoor gardening is all about passion and attention to detail. Your passion sparks off your creativity and you devise ways to keep your home garden as healthy as possible. Moving the pots between spaces, deciding on light and moisture conditions as per plants requirement around your gardening area takes out the most in indoor gardening.

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Let us take a tour on creating the most ideal gardening space

Selecting the right potting mix

It is safe to put potting mix that comes with fertilizers and moisture retaining crystals from the local nursery. This is a better substitute to the soil taken from the garden that can be infested with fungal insects and weeds. Using the right potting mix not only reduces plant maintenance but also proves to be a light mixture of ingredients.

Choosing the suitable pots

Pots need to have one or more holes for the water to freely flow out. This is because the drainage needs to be adequate to ensure that the roots of the plants do not get drowned in the water. Resin and fiber glass are the lighter options for plant pots and it is important that they are light in colour. Dark colours tend to absorb more heat under the sun which can reduce the moisture levels in the soil.

Recycled items fill in as light plant containers

Plastic cups are recycled and flattened manually to be used a slight plant containers. They become flattened trays and are placed at the bottom of the pots. These flattened trays need much less soil and are easier to move around the patio.

Composting inside the pot

Adding some coffee filter at the bottom of the plant pot takes care of the fertilizer levels of the soil. Picking up dried twigs and leaves from around the yard and crushing them on into the pots to about 2 to 3 inches level. on this apply the potting soil. The advantages are-

Plant pots are light in weight.

By picking up twigs and putting inside the plant pot; the yard space gets clean.

Further this will act as natural compost within the pot.

Replace pebbles with coffee filter over drainage holes for indoor gardening. A coffee filter will hold the soil and prevent it from being washed away. Further pebbles can get the plant pot a lot heavier.

Adding our own blends of potting soil with the desired ingredients makes the soil mixture customized to suit specific plant needs in the garden. Compost contains innumerable microbes with high nutrient content in the soil mixture.

Vermiculate is added to keep pots light weight and mixes well with other mediums nurturing healthy plants. Further Vermiculate is a mineral when on heating expands into lighter particles. These particles make the soil mix more porous thus enabling more water retention ability. Moreover Vermiculate will not deteriorate as time passes and is particularly odourless, non toxic and sterile.

Cracked pecan shells are lighter options and act as good drainage mediums for plants. Adding a layer of these shells before adding the soil helps in proper plant growth especially if the plant remains in the same pot for years. Pecan shells last for around ten years and are good for indoor plants. Light pots can be kept easily on the terrace of buildings thereby giving more natural cooling to the building inmates during summer. Light pots on the terrace and balconies also reduce unnecessary dead weight to the existing building structure.

Lighter pots in your balcony are certainly going to make your work easy and cost you less. You have many things to fill in under the soil. Our tips help to reduce the pot weight and yet get your plants shine happily.