After the dryer, warmer months our gardens love rain and cherish the healthy invigoration. However, heavy rain followed by winds can potentially ruin the hard work we have put into maintaining a beautiful garden.

To protect your garden before, during and after the monsoon follow these tips...


  1. Remove damaged limbs and shoots

Remove any dead limbs and shoots from your plants before a rain storm to reduce the risk of tangling and snapping and make them as well organized as possible.

  1. Support taller plants

For less secure tall plants heavy rain can be quite tough especially when followed with strong winds. To support taller plants use a metal or wooden rode into the ground and tie the plant to it gently. This will prevent it from snapping and protect it from any physical damage.

  1. Drainage

 Make sure there is enough drainage to prevent water collecting in a pool anywhere in your garden. Otherwise it will drown the nearby plants. Clean all the drainage's before the rain and ensure there is a proper outflow that slopes away from the garden.


  1. Cover the most delicate plants

During heavy rain cover fragile and young plants, especially vegetables and herbs, using a waterproof covering like tarpaulin. To ensure adequate drainage away from surrounding foliage make sure the covering is slanted in the right direction.

  1. Turn your compost

By mixing the damp with the dry under layers ensure your nutritious, rich compost is watered.


  1. Check your vegetable roots

 Make sure the roots are not exposed following soil erosion once the rain has stopped. Before they dry out recover them with compost or soil.

  1. Check your planters and pots

If the drainage is blocked these can easily become flooded. Before, during and after the rain check pots and planters and cover if necessary.

  1. Keep the snails and slugs at bay

Snails and slugs thrive in moist conditions. By putting salt you can keep them away.

During the monsoon most plants will flourish because your garden does love the rain. However, you will have to deal with planting and weeding issues. Try these...

  1. Pull up weeds by hand

When the soil is moist there is a possibility of the whole root breaking and snapping while you clear the weeds. So be extra careful when you pull up the weeds by hand.

  1. Pick lettuce

 After a good shower lettuce will be tender and sweet.

  1. Make the most of your mint

After a wet day it is lovely to drink a mint tea. The good news is mint thrives in moist conditions, so make the most of it.