11 Easy, Breezy Patio Decorating Ideas

August 31, 2017

Make your outdoor space more inviting and comfortable during hot-summers with these easy and quick patio decorating ideas.


11 Easy, Breezy Patio Decorating Ideas


  1. Opt for Weather-Friendly Faux Finishes

To hold up to the elements opt for furnishings with attractive faux finishes. You will get tables that are actually made using lightweight metal or fibre reinforced plastic that look like weathered wood with a rustic charm.

  1. Use Indoor Accessories

When it comes to making your outdoor spaces inviting and comfortable don’t limit yourself to just outdoor furnishing. When you’re ready to entertain bring out your favourite blankets and throw pillows.

  1. Paint Dated Brick

Whether it’s on the patio floor or wall, even the ugliest brick can be dealt with affordably and quickly. Try something new with a fresh, bold hue or go with a high-quality paint in a classic shade. You will see compliments pouring in.

  1. Play with rugs

A rug or two will give a unique look to the floor. You will now get to buy rugs in a variety of designs and in different price ranges to suit every budget.

  1. Create a Focal Point

On a patio fence or wall consider creating a focal point. You can play with your creativity on blank spaces. You can opt for floral or funky murals and give your aging fence a colourful makeover and make it the focal point.

  1. Give Old Furniture New Life

Consider giving a hard-working piece of outdoor furniture a new life. Even an old console or dresser can go on a patio with a little bit of creativity. For instance, attach a pegboard to it for hanging small pots.

  1. Add Privacy and Shade

Outdoor curtains are always a good idea whether you have a small space or you live on a 1-acre plot. Without having to endure the sun’s scorching rays they provide shade and privacy so you can enjoy your outdoor living areas.

  1. Add Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting adds sophistication to any get-together when it comes to outdoor entertaining after dark. Battery-operated LED candles will look ethereal for the outdoors.

  1. Bring in different types of planters

Make sure to mix and match planters in different colours, sizes and shapes. They will give a designer touch to your patio.

  1. Add a vertical garden

Consider going vertical if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Going up the walls with greenery, whether it’s real or faux, is a great way to add a “living” element to your overall decor or soften hard surfaces.

  1. Go With a Bold Palette

With bold colours you can give your patio an instant makeover. For example, for a layered look mix similar shades of greens and blues. It will look vibrant and at the same time very classy.

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