3 Unique Gifting Ideas For Home

January 28, 2016

Bestowing gifts to your loved ones is perhaps a tricky task. It demands your ability to understand their interests, their needs and their personality as a whole in order to make your gift something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives, a gift that reminds you and the bond you share with your loved ones. Be it your family members, friends or colleagues, there are a number of occasions for you to shower your best gifts. It could be any special occasion like a house warming or even a souvenir that you pick up from travelling; you can always impress your loved ones if you just master the art of getting unique gifts. Here are some tips to help you choose some unique gifts out of the ordinary sought outs.

1. Indoor and outdoor planters:

You can buy a unique planter and include an all-in-one gardening kit along with it. Today, planters are available in different shapes depicting the traditional designs. For instance, Maadam planters structured like our well-known sacred Thulasi Maadam in which we grow our Holy Thulasi for ritual prayers can be used to grow indoor plants. You can find a variety of other traditional planters in online decor stores. This is a very unique gift idea and your gift will be lively as long as it is taken care of. Growing herbs like basil and cilantro is also a good idea; there won’t be any need to worry if your loved one runs out of herbs while cooking. There are also different kinds of planters made of Fibre Reinforced Polymer that you can choose to grow your herbs.                                   

2. Traditional touch:

If your beloved is an art lover, consider something that has traditional value. Antiques are always around, but are quite expensive. But you can try something new, like gifting a small traditional uruli with lamp gift set. An uruli will make an exotic art piece that lights up the atmosphere. Indoor fountains are also great options and work out great for decorating vacant spaces. The joy that a tiny trickling stream of water brings is matchless.

3. Customized furniture:

If you are good at carpentry, you can just gather some simple raw materials and make your own DIY chairs or tables. If not, no worries, you can go online to get unique furniture with traditional aspects. There are a variety of side tables and beautiful benches that reflect various themes. For instance have a look at the tables of Greymode here made out of FRP can be used outdoors as well.

These are some of the unique gifting ideas for home decor with which you can surprise your loved ones and you will undoubtedly score brownie points every time you gift.

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