Pondicherry is unique in offering the best of both worlds, the sophisticated French Riviera and the Vibrant Indian culture. Many places around Pondicherry offer the best for art lovers. This shopping hub has some art and decor dealers that stock unique decorative gifts with traditional influence at affordable prices. Here are some of the best buys of Greymode for every traveller who wants to either add it to their art collection or to gift them to loved ones. If you ever visit Pondy, be sure to buy any of these traditional souvenirs, without which your trip will be incomplete.


Elephant uruli

Urulis are traditional round shaped vessels that are extensively used in South India. They basically used as a cookware. But now, they take an important place in home decor. You cannot find an art lover’s home without this uruli. It is used as a centre piece where it is filled with fresh water and beautiful flowers like lotus and marigolds are left afloat on top of the water. It is a refreshing sight. The moment you take a look, you feel rejuvenated instantly.

Pondicherry has several shops selling these urulis in various sizes and in various materials like Mud, stone and brass. But Greymode sells unique urulis that are made of FRP or Fibre Reinforced Polymer. This is cost-effective and durable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations.


Senthaal Planter

Planters in various models like Suzhal, Maadam, Pinnal, kodi, pinnal, veambu and bamboo have been designed to give a traditional and aesthetic appeal to a contemporary home that embraces the art of yesteryear and the present fusion art. These planters form excellent mode of growing your own indoor garden. With an adequate amount of sunlight to seep into your room, you can comfortably place it near the window or in a feasible corner to add to the beauty of the space. Moreover, growing indoor plants promotes good health by cleansing the surrounding air.


Lotus Fountain

Indoor fountains designed like mini pots that are alternately arranged and fountains that combine uruli and bamboo that are fixed together for water circulation are some of the current traditional designs. Fibre Reinforced Polymer is processed to make these shapes and is combined at the right stage to bring out a completed and natural appeal. Fountains are a real joy and the sound of water circulating in these mini canals give the inmates a pleasant lively feel.

Benches and Stools:

Owl Low Stool

In olden days, stools and side table were hand crafted in the shape of temple pillars. Even today we can find evidences as we visit some of the existing palaces of our ancient kings. The same concept has influenced today’s art that Greymode came up with the idea of making traditional furniture. 

If you are planning to visit Pondicherry, check in at Greymode so that you can buy these cost-effective, traditionally influenced, durable products to decorate your house. These products are superior in every aspect to the regular materials like wood, stone and metal.  So the next time you plan to visit Pondy, don’t forget to put Greymode on your itinerary list and make the best out of your visit.