The smell of summer is somewhere between apple cinnamon and floral candles. It’s not an easy scent to catch. Agreed. Most smells associated with this warm season are sun lotion, salty breezes and freshly cut grass smells that are just plain undesirable or impossible to recreate. That’s when we turn to fresh scents like eucalyptus and citrus. You can make your home smell like summer with ease using essential oils and fresh oranges. Follow our tips.

  • Gel Fresheners

The last thing you want to do is light a cozy candle indoors when it’s so hot outside. Forget candles, use gel fresheners. You can make them at home using a few ingredients from your pantry and essential oils. You will find umpteen recipes online. Follow them and let their scents fill your home. You can even make them pretty decorations by adding food colouring.

  • Bathroom Eucalyptus

During the winter it is common to hang fresh eucalyptus from your shower head because of its antibacterial properties. In fact, you can hang fresh eucalyptus all year round. Its smell is summery, rejuvenating and relaxing. And you can transform your bathroom into a spa.

  • Citronella Orange Candles

Citronella candles are best for summer outdoor parties. An added bonus is they will keep the mosquitoes away. They are easily available online. So, make your pick.

  • Scented wooden blocks

You might be wary of leaving out a lighted candle if you’ve got little kids. You can buy scented wooden blocks, which fill the room with a lovely fragrance just like a scented lit candle. Wooden blocks will be safe for your kids as well.

  • Citrus Simmer Pot

There really is a simmer pot recipe for every season, in case you were wondering. Put a few citrus slices in a pot and let it steam on your stove for a few hours. Your house will be filled with scents of limes, oranges and lemons. Add some essential oils if you’re looking for some aromatherapy.

  • Bath bombs

A warm bath that smells like green tea or coconut can be heavenly during summer. Bath bombs with peppermint oil and butter are best for summer. Peppermint will keep your skin cool as you enjoy all the bath bombs’ goodness.

  • Soy Candles

Summer is the best time for soy candles. You can group them together on your table as a centrepiece. They will make you feel like you are in the garden.

  • Summery Perfume

For summer pick a perfume that smells like salty breezes and orange blossoms. And each time you take a spirit you’ll be transported straight to the beach.

  • Baking Soda Disks

Baking soda is a natural air deodorizer. You can make baking soda disks by adding essential oils and herbs. Put them in your pantry, drawers and closets and make your home smell summer ready.

  • Wax Melts

You get to buy wax melts from where they sell candles. But it is always better to make them yourself. For a summer smell, add lavender, or a hint of rose petals, or go citrus-y.