Ottomans have become the favourite piece of furniture because of their versatility. Here are 10 ways you can use ottomans to enhance a room.

1.) Shared space seating: For open floor plan homes and apartments that share seating with more than one area ottomans are a great idea. They give flexibility to spaces with one seating area. You can even transform it into a couch by pushing it against the wall and placing cushions for extra comfort.

2.) Use as foot rests: Ottomans are usually used as foot rest. And it can be of any size. From big, round to petite sizes ottomans dimensions are available in sizes as wide as a couch.

3.) Storage: There is a need for storage in every family room or living room. Ottomans can double up as storage and can be used to tuck away children’s toys or remote controls. Ottomans disguises itself beautifully as they have a hinged top and hence they make the best storage. In master bedrooms ottomans with storage also work well at the foot of the bed.

4.) Visual interest: Ottomans are visually appealing and fun because of their geometric shapes. Different types of ottomans are available. For instance, there are ottomans that form a circle when put together, and the pieces can make 4 equal wedges of seating when separated.

5.) Tuck away seating: Ottomans are a perfect solution for seating if you are trying to save space, as they can be pulled out when needed. This type of seating is ideal when entertaining as they have rollers or casters beneath them.

6.) Use them as a coffee table: Large ottomans can be used as coffee table. You can place your drink tray on them or display magazines.

7) Children friendly: Ottomans are made using tweed or denim and hence they won’t get damaged easily and are kid friendly. Kids can play on top of it or even sit and eat while they watch the television.

8.) Color coordinate: Select an ottoman that blends in well with the overall look of the room. Match your ottoman with the color of your artwork, walls, or sofa fabric. They can either compliment your existing décor or blend in with the adjacent furniture.

9.) Use as a show piece: Ottomans can be the focal point of a living room when you cover it with rich fabrics and textiles. In a rustic room, ottomans can look casual and in an affluent setting they can look lush and extravagant.

10.) Just relax on them: Ottomans are just like any other piece of furniture. You can use them to lounge while you entertain your friends.  Consider choosing over-sized ottomans if you prefer a more relaxed environment, so that you can lounge on and enjoy your home.

Ottomans are a functional foot rest and a conversation piece all at the same time. For tons of ottoman inspiration to help you decorate your rooms surf the web or look in home décor magazines.