If you are all set to entertain friends or relatives follow these tips.

  1. Put some thought into your food menu.

The best hosts always serve a full meal. If it’s a buffet meal, make proper seating arrangements, too. If you are having anything other than finger food you must have plenty of wineglass surfaces and seating.

  1. Be upfront about the guest list.

Hiding the guest list is really annoying. Your guests will be eager to know who are the others on the list or if they can bring a friend. The guests should know the size of the party and this influences the way they even dress.

  1. Make sure there’s room for everyone to mingle.

To create a welcoming atmosphere you don’t have to have a huge house. To set up the party you just have to be smart. At all cost avoid an overcrowded food display. Have separate areas for drinks, appetizers and food stations.

  1. Make an effort!

If you are throwing a party you need to make things festive. Take some effort to decorate the house, throw some good music and encourage guests to dress up. Remember, for creating a party atmosphere and setting the mood, lighting is crucial.

  1. Don’t forget about the bathroom.

The restrooms can get really dirty when there are many guests. Cleaning your bathroom is just as important as planning a delicious menu. A dirty bathroom will tarnish your impression as a great hostess. Keep clean towels, and stock up toilet paper so that your guests need not come out and ask for more.

  1. Don’t try too hard.

Party games are not for everyone although it may sound good in theory as the best icebreakers for any party. Some guests may feel uncomfortable so don’t force such games on your friends. You should reconsider your guest list if they simply can’t enjoy each other’s company.

  1. If it’s an adults’ only party, make it clear.

If everyone has babies or kids in tow, it’s fine as they will enjoy each other’s company. Otherwise, if there is only one kid among a bunch of adults he or she might feel bored. On the invitation it is always best to specify “kids welcome” or “adults only”.

  1. Keep pets out of sight.

A surprise four-legged party goer can ruin the night for any guest who dislikes dogs or are allergic to pets. Have someone watch your pets for the night or keep them in another room.

  1. Don’t be a neat freak.

You cannot keep the house clean while the party is on. Just relax. Guests may leave a ring on the coffee table or spill their drinks. Good hosts are not uptight. Don’t insist on taking off shoes before entering a party. Some people don’t like to walk in stockings or barefoot in someone else’s house. If you are worried about the white rugs replace them with a few area rugs for the occasion.

  1. Don’t have a party if you can’t afford one.

Guests normally bring gifts for the hostess. It is always best not to ask for anything. Some people hates when hosts ask them to bring specific items to their party. Unless you are organizing a potluck and don’t want to risk the chance of all your guests bringing only desserts, don’t assign your guests a specific course to bring along.